Bonnie Branch is committed to Goal 2 of the Howard County Public School System, which is to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Every Wednesday, during home room, all students participate in lessons plans called “Shark Talks” that emphasize respect, responsibility and readiness. Certain lesson plans focus on methods of conflict resolution, means to a positive self image, and sensitivity toward gratitude, caring, and compassion to help deter bullying.

To learn more about Shark Talks and Bonnie Branch Middle School policies on bullying, please visit the BBMS Student Services Wiki Page.

HCPSS Anti-Bullying Resources

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Possible signs of Bullying

A child may indicate by their behavior that he or she is being bullied. If your child shows some of the following signs, bullying may be responsible and you might want to ask if someone is bullying or threatening them.

Children may:

  • be frightened of walking to and from school
  • change their usual route
  • not want you to go on the school bus
  • beg you to drive them to school
  • be unwilling to go to school (or be ‘school phobic’)
  • feel ill in the mornings
  • begin truanting
  • begin doing poorly in their school work
  • come home regularly with clothes or books destroyed
  • come home starving (bully taking dinner money)
  • become withdrawn, start stammering, lack confidence
  • become distressed and anxious, stop eating
  • attempt or threaten suicide
  • cry themselves to sleep, have nightmares
  • have their possessions go missing
  • ask for money or start stealing (to pay the bully)
  • continually ‘lose’ their pocket money
  • refuse to talk about what’s wrong
  • have unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches
  • begin to bully other children, siblings
  • become aggressive and unreasonable
  • give improbable excuses for any of the above